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Garage Door Safety Concerns

Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach CA - Automatic garage door openers are excellent, convenient tools for homeowners, especially for those who reside in areas where it rains frequently or where change of seasons make for snowy, cold winters. Rather than getting out of your warm dry car, you can simply push a button and drive into your garage and stay out of bad weather before you get into your home.Garage Door Opener Repair Hermosa Beach California

They are also dangerous and need to be treated as so, especially if you have children, as convenient as they are. The garage door is the heaviest and largest moving object in your home and it can cause severe injuries or death if misused. Ensure that everyone with your family knows the protection precautions if they are near a garage door that may be opening or closing.
Safety Precautions for Garage Doors

Do not let your kids to perform around a garage door as it opens or closes. Don’t allow them to stand, run or play nearby the door because it is moving. If the door slams shut, it could crush a child or pet that gets caught beneath the it, moving parts break and.

Do not let children accessibility garage door opener. The push button wall control for that opener should be five feet off the ground so children cannot reach and play using the garage door opener.

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Always wait for a garage door to fully open or close before entering the garage and make sure nobody is attempting to enter or exit the garage while the garage door is moving.

Keep fingers and hands out of the parts of a garage door since it opens or closes, especially being careful to achieve this when manually opening or closing a Garage Door Opener Adjustments Service.

Update your garage door opener with one that sensors movement beneath the garage door mainly because it closes and automatically reverses and stops the descent. This can save an existence or maybe your property.


Have your garage door maintained on an annual basis with a Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach CA technician to ensure it stays in proper working order.

Keeping your garage door in good working order is a great way to prevent future difficulties with your garage door, especially in regards to safety concerns. A garage door is heavy enough to crush anything beneath it and really should be employed wisely to prevent property damage or perhaps a potential fatal injury.

Garage Door Repair Hermosa Beach CA - Call (310) 773-5831.

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